Monday, September 27, 2010

9 Days And I'm Ready For The Adventure [My Blog Preface]


Lets do this [go to Alaska... gung-ho baby.] Although, honestly, I have an overwhelming (not really, I am exaggerating) feeling that one of the planes I am on will crash, and I will die. lol....

I think I'm just being dramatic. But seriously, if I did, please don't be sad. I mean, mourn me for a few days, but don't let it destroy you. ;)As long as i set material foot in Fairbanks, all will be well.

I already feel like somewhat of a failure with this blog i created. I'm good at creating, not so great at sustaining. What does an appropriate blog posting schedule look like? I would like to work towards posting every other day.
Topics to come in the future include:

  • Combating my addiction to ice cream [see also, struggles with giving up dairy products]
  • My opinions on fashion
  • Me the princess vs. me the off-the-grid radical
  • A really intense short story I have in mind about harvesting humans for food and my feelings on vegetarianism
  • Updates on tundra living
  • Photo entries
  • Entries of poetry I write and have written
  • The introduction of myself as a rap artist [lol] and more seriously, as a songstress
  • Struggles with giving up dairy products on my road to becoming vegan, as its labeled
  • The grand opening of my Esty shop & my projects along the way
  • Updates on my dear, growing, little man and what it's like to be a mother, in my eyes

And lastly [because this list is only an example used for preview, but is never-ending (so long as I don't fail with this blog)]:
I am in the process of creating a 101 Things in 1001 Days list. I will post it when it's complete, and am going to create entries with each item I am able to cross off.

I hope people will stick around for the ride. I've got some totally weird things to talk about in the future.. my mind is a strange (and creative) place and I really would love to share it with the world.

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